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SubjectRe: deadlocks if use htb
On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 12:40:59PM +0300, Badalian Vyacheslav wrote:
> Jarek, i easy can test patch 4 without 2+3 if it needed at heavy
> production server. I use dynamic routing and if server crashed - traffic
> go to another pc after few seconds. I not test it because you say that
> its not needed if for me help 3+2. I apply it today and test at few servers.

Yes, I thought it's so rare we can wait till 2.6.29, while you had this
patched, and Denys seemed to not see it after changing his sever. But
I have changed my mind after seeing Chris's report...

I'm not sure if Peter would recomend something better yet, so I guess
you could wait with this testing for his opinion.

Jarek P.

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