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SubjectRe: The policy on initramfs decompression failure

* Alain Knaff <> wrote:

> > Unless you use bzImage i dont think you can really appreciate this
> > argument.
> Maybe that's the source of our misunderstanding. What is this bzImage?
> (I suppose it's not just the kernel name/format but something more. But
> what?)

pure bzImages is what many kernel developers use to boot static kernel
images, with drivers built in, often with no module support, etc.:

$ make help | grep -i bzImage
* bzImage - Compressed kernel image (arch/x86/boot/bzImage)
the bzImage method never led to a panic related to a ramdisk before
(unless the ramdisk was materially corrupted - which is not the case
here), and should not lead to a panic afterwards either.

We use panics/crashes when the kernel meets a problem that makes
continuing impossible, but that is not an issue here.


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