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    SubjectRe: x86/mce merge, integration hickup + crash, design thoughts
    On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 1:29 AM, Andi Kleen <> wrote:
    >> I'm 100% on board with that and will even help staff the effort.
    > Well if you want to change anything the code would be a good idea first to
    > establish clearly what is actually broken. I know various areas that need
    > improvement (and I have patches fixes most of them), but to my knowledge
    > none of them would be fixed by ASCII logging.
    > Perhaps a good start would be if Ingo could expand what exactly
    > he believes is broken currently. At least his earlier "high level" argument
    > seems to be large based on clear misunderstandings of what kind
    > of MCE events are common and what not. I don't really blame
    > him for that since MCEs are obscure and difficult and badly
    > documented (I had a hard time getting up to speed on them myself
    > and it took me quite some time). But I hope he doesn't
    > dismiss the advice from people who have more experience with
    > them than him though.
    > I wrote a long email earlier in the thread with all the reasons why
    > ASCII logging is difficult (like the various atomicity issues and also
    > others)
    > I haven't heard anyone refuting any of the arguments in there, so I assume
    > they
    > are agreed one by everyone.
    > I would appreciate if the people who continue to propose ASCII
    > logging would explain how they plan to solve these problems.
    >> This
    >> is something that is VERY HIGHLY desired here.
    > What is exactly desired?

    From my point of view: a single, consistent, easy logging interface
    for the kernel to send *structured data* about hardware/system events
    and errors up to userspace.

    I don't care if it is ASCII, but it probably can be done in ASCII.
    That's the cart before the horse, IMHO. I just want something more
    structured and better suited than printk().

    >> I already have a
    >> couple peopel looking at this and other HW-error reporting issues.
    > I have lots of patches pending for over half a year (including
    > tons of bug fixes) and they get all delayed again and again with
    > very little justification why. So before writing any new code
    > it would be good to just get the already pending improvements in.

    We'd LOVE your improvements, if they work. MCE is always a sore point
    for us, in that we take too many of them. Anything to reduce their
    impact is a win.


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