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    SubjectRe: ALLANC: Proposal to add progress records to process accounting
    > Are you planning to update the log based upon wall time or cpu used ?

    I planned on using the exact same algorithm as is used currently. I believe
    the current->signal->pacct structure holds system and user CPU time which
    is copied into the log ac_stime and ac_utime entries respectively in
    kernel/acct.c/do_acct_proces() thus:
    ac.ac_utime =
    ac.ac_stime =

    The log ac_etime is elapsed time (which is what I assume you mean by wall
    time) and is calculated as current_uptime - process_start_time
    (paraphrased) in the same function.

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    Re: ALLANC: Proposal to add
    13/01/2009 06:17 progress records to process
    PM accounting

    > will be written for any process that hasn't written a record in a while
    > (for our purposes, 24 hours is fine but it may be better to make this
    > configurable).

    Agreed and this sounds sensible.

    > too much overhead to the context switch (that's putting it mildly). I
    > assume this would be somewhere in kernel/sched.c/context_switch() or
    > kernel/sched.c/prepare_task_switch() although I haven't yet looked in
    > detail.

    Are you planning to update the log based upon wall time or cpu used ?


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