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    SubjectRe: RFC: Network privilege separation.
    Le lundi 12 janvier 2009 22:39:31 Andi Kleen, vous avez écrit :
    > > What's the point of writing a parser (that could also have bugs) when the
    > Sorry you lost me. What do you mean with parser here?
    > > kernel can do it?
    > And what does it have to do with the kernel?

    The parser at the other end of the pipe. The more intricate the over-the-pipe
    protocol is, the more likely it is to be buggy and the security scheme to

    > > A normal DVD would be over 30 megabytes per seconds once decoded, just
    > > for the
    > On many modern systems 30MB/s copies is nothing ... Also in this
    > case they tend to be cache hot, which makes them much cheaper.

    > Yes it would be somewhat slower, but if it avoids a couple of security
    > updates that would be probably worth it.

    If codecs did not care about performance, they'd be written in some high-level
    language that could easily be sandboxed by its own VM.

    As the guy who's been dealing with VLC security issues for the past two years,
    I have to say, I am in no way interested in SECCOMP as it _currently_ is.

    Rémi Denis-Courmont
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