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SubjectRe: PATCH [0/3]: Simplify the kernel build by removing perl.
On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 11:35 PM, Sam Ravnborg <> wrote:
>> There are several other packages which are broken for embedded
>> architectures, which I will hopefully attempt to fix by submitting patches
>> upstream. But this is why we should be cautious about including new tools
>> for compiling the kernel. Sam Ravnborg was correct in that a C program to do
>> the work would be the proper way. But by not addressing a currently existing
>> problem with an adequate replacement with something that does not exist
>> currently, seems faulty.
> Why are "make headers_install" such a crucial thing for your
> embedded environmnet?

Sanity check. If the environment cannot replicate itself, then
something has been faulty in the cross-compiling stage, that was used
to propagate a native environment for the target architecture.

> I would assume that if this of such improtance then there is also
> someone to step up and contribute a C version of it.

You've already dismissed a shell version to correct the issue, in
hopes of a "possible" C version. It would be nice, I'm not capable of
doing it personally, but a solution already exists to "unbreak" the
kernel build. If you're unwilling to merge the current patches, then
feel free to claim that this doesn't break anything on current
architectures, but it's incorrect, due to Perl not even compiling as
is currently on a native uclibc environment.

I look forward to what other tools will be introduced to break yet
more architectures until the kernel cannot be compiled unless on an
i686+glibc architecture.

> Sam

Mark A. Miller

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