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SubjectRe: [patch] measurements, numbers about CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING=y impact
On Fri, 9 Jan 2009 14:52:33 -0500
Theodore Tso <> wrote:

> does this, so the code is mostly written; but it does
> this in a blinded fashion, so it only makes sense for oops which are
> very common and for which we don't need to ask the user, "so what were
> you doing at the time". In cases where the user has already stepped
> up and reported the oops on a mailing list, it would be nice if
> had a way of decoding the oops via some web page.
> Arjan, would something like this be doable, hopefully without too much
> effort?

thinking about this.. making a "pastebin" like thing for oopses is
relatively trivial for me; all the building blocks I have already.

The hard part is getting the vmlinux files in place. Right now I do
this manually for popular released kernels.. if the fedora/suse guys
would help to at least have the vmlinux for their released updates
easily available that would be a huge help.... without that it's going
to suck.

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