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Subject[ANNOUNCE] mdb: Merkey's Linux Kernel Debugger Release 2.6.27-rc6

I am tired of waiting for rc6, so if there are ground shaking changes over
rc6-git9, I will update the patches.

ChangeLog, 09/07/2008

Corrected dword, word, and byte dereference in the mdb-logic.c
documentation to match the disassembly display.

Changed oops_in_progress entry point to a counter variable to preserve
state when mdb is called from exceptions where it may have been previously

Cleaned up several hundred more messages.

Cleanup error check cases in mdb-logic.c

back ported modularization, and use of notify_die handlers, sysrq handler
to previous Linux kernel mdb patch versions 2.6.18 up through 2.6.27-rc6.

removed dependencies on broken thread migration routines in reboot.c with
processor migration during reboot request. It's busted if multiple
processors are in the debugger.


x86_64 systems received, merge in process
IA64 systems slated for receipt in November for testing. code merge in
process with software simulator.
Nested TSS gates for X86 and X86_64 in process

MDB repositories

mdb-2.6.27-rc6 patches

back ports of mdb linux kernel patches

Jeffrey Vernon Merkey
Wolf Mountain Group, Inc.

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