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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VM: Implements the swap-out page-clustering technique
2008/9/8, Li Yu <>:
> And the linear searching for whole address space of a vma is not good
> idea too, really.
>> + if (!page_allowed_in_cluster(cursor_page, ci))
>> + continue;

Thank you for the review and comments. You are right in that searching
the whole process address space is not a good idea. The idea is to
make the scan range flexible, thus normally, assuming that the code
has been well-tuned, only a very limited number of VMA's are scanned.

In general, i think that the cluster size and the scan range should be
tuned depending on the backing storage characteristics and the
low-on-memory severity. Like any VM code, this one needs tuning.

BTW, the code could be implemented much more elegantly if the VMA's
were connected using a doubly-linked list. I wonder if there are
enought other codes with the same situation to justify making it

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