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SubjectRe: [regression] __tick_program_event of hpet is stuck
Frans Pop schrieb:
> On Monday 08 September 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
>> With current git head (v2.6.27-rc5-319-g7686ad5) I'm seeing repeated
>> occurrences of the following on my HP Compaq 2510p laptop. Not seen
>> with earlier kernels, including 2.6.27-rc5.
> I meant repeated as in "after different boots", but I now also see repeats
> when I leave the system on for some time. It keeps increasing the
> min_delta_ns to ever higher values.
> CE: __tick_program_event of hpet is stuck 1468f1b3c9 1468f1c751
> CE: increasing min_delta_ns 5000 to 10000 nsec
> [...]
> CE: __tick_program_event of hpet is stuck 33576032f74 33576035684
> CE: increasing min_delta_ns 10000 to 20000 nsec
> [...]
> CE: __tick_program_event of hpet is stuck 63242b30d28 63242b35b48
> CE: increasing min_delta_ns 20000 to 40000 nsec
> The call trace is basically the same each time.
Exactly the same problem here. This is a Lenovo Thinkpad R61 with
current git head (7686ad56).

Stefan Hellermann

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