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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kernel/cpu.c: create a CPU_STARTING cpu_chain notifier

* Manfred Spraul <> wrote:

> Right now, there is no notifier that is called on a new cpu, before
> the new cpu begins processing interrupts/softirqs. Various kernel
> function would need that notification, e.g. kvm works around by
> calling smp_call_function_single(), rcu polls cpu_online_map.
> The patch adds a CPU_STARTING notification. It also adds a helper
> function that sends the message to all cpu_chain handlers.
> Tested on x86-64.
> All other archs are untested. Especially on sparc, I'm not sure if I
> got it right.

applied to tip/sched/cpu-hotplug - thanks Manfred, nice cleanup. (FYI, i
fixed up the 3 problems that checkpatch reported)

David, can you see any problems with the Sparc32 bits?


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