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SubjectRe: [BUG] x86 kenel won't boot under Virtual PC
Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> I thought you agreed that CPU virtualization can be a problem? That
>> was the whole excuse for why the dynamic code was changed. Why would
>> it not be true for the static code?
>> The fact is, if you want to run on a Core2 or other modern CPU, then
>> "Virtual PC" is apparently buggy in this respect. You worked around it
>> for the dynamic choice - but that's totally _pointless_ if you then
>> don't want to work around it for the static one.
> yes. X86_P6_NOPS is a totally insignificant optimization and if it makes
> _any_ CPU not boot (be that virtual or real), then it's frankly not
> worth it.
> David, exactly how does the kernel fail to boot with latest -git?
> (v2.6.27-rc5-313-g64f996f or later) Does detect_nopl() run? It really
> should, and it should detect the non-working instructions.

It almost certainly never gets as far as detect_nopl().


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