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Subject-mm: please drop h8300 kallsyms patch
Please drop h8300-kallsyms-exclude-local-symbols.patch from mm for now.

I'm all in favour of its intent, cutting local .Lfoo symbols out of the
the symbol table. But at present it's cutting out all .symbols - which
is very unfriendly to powerpc, whose every function is a .symbol!
The undotted symbol being the descriptor that points to the function.

My 2.6.27-rc5 powerpc doesn't actually contain any .Lsymbols,
but I expect someone else's does: I doubt excluding .Lsymbols is the
right answer, though it would be an improvement.

Maybe Paulo or Sam has a grasp on what the different architectures'
toolchains do, and can suggest the right patch.


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