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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Guilt v0.31
Guilt v0.31 is available for download.

Guilt (Git Quilt) is a series of bash scripts which add a Mercurial
queues-like functionality and interface to git.


Git repo:

This is a mostly bugfixes-only release to get the fixes that accumulated
over the past several months out of the door.

As always, patches, and other feedback is welcome.

Josef "Jeff" Sipek.


Changes since v0.30:

Alan Jenkins (3):
Better "patch does not exist" checks
guilt-diff: allow paths
guilt-diff: behave sanely if no patch applied

Eric Sandeen (1):
regression: fix failure with Git 1.5.5

Jonas Fonseca (3):
Documentation: rename guiltlink macro to linkguilt
Documentation: improve AsciiDoc formatting of lists in guilt(7)
Documentation: customized the manpage headers to include version info

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek (3):
Documentation: add proper 'linkguilt's
patchbomb: fix bashism
Guilt v0.31

Shawn Starr (1):
guilt: Fix git version detection on Debian

Theodore Ts'o (2):
must_commit_first: Make sure the index is up to date
Make guilt work even after git-sh-setup is moved out of the user's path

Linux, n.:
Generous programmers from around the world all join forces to help
you shoot yourself in the foot for free.

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