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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: order functions in cpu/common.c and cpu/common_64.c

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> > i've pushed out the broken tree into tip/tmp.master.broken (havent
> > updated tip/master with the breakage). I've removed the broken
> > printk in kernel/resource.c that Andrew found, see commit
> > 06e44f6af324 - so that's not the cause.
> i've double checked that 06e44f6af324 is applied. I'll bisect this.

bisection came up with:

# good: [8bfd9710] Merge branch 'x86/xsave'
# bad: [06e44f6a] IO resources: fix/remove printk
# good: [282a5f84] Merge branch 'irq/sparseirq'
# bad: [a0854a46] x86: make 32bit support show_msr like 64 bit
# good: [5031088d] x86: delay early cpu initialization until cpuid is
# good: [9d31d35b] x86: order functions in cpu/common.c and cpu/commo
# bad: [10a434fc] x86: remove cpu_vendor_dev

| 10a434fcb23a57c385177a0086955fae01003f64 is first bad commit
| commit 10a434fcb23a57c385177a0086955fae01003f64
| Author: Yinghai Lu <>
| Date: Thu Sep 4 21:09:45 2008 +0200
| x86: remove cpu_vendor_dev

and the thing is, 10a434fc is way too big:

| 15 files changed, 106 insertions(+), 106 deletions(-)

and it's not obvious at first (neither at second) sight what the problem
is. You really need to start doing much smaller patches for such
critical/hard-to-debug code areas.


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