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    SubjectBuilding Kernel with -O0
    I was looking at some changes to the 2.6.26.y kernel in "compiler-gcc.h"
    and had some questions.
    (;a=commitdiff;h=ae3a0064e6d69068b1c9fd075095da062430bda9 )

    I was attempting to cross-compile Linux for a Marvell core with
    Optimizations turned off and ran across an error due to the
    __attribute__((always_inline)) attribute.

    It looks like the default behavior used to always have this feature on,
    but Ingo committed some changes that allows this behavior to be turned
    off (With the correct Kconfig file changes).

    I'm VERY new to Linux but was wondering if there was a way (config
    option) to turn this inline attribute off in previous versions of the
    kernel besides these new macros. It seems building with optimization
    level 0 should be a natural thing for kernel driver developers to do for
    debugging purposes.

    In summary: I want to compile with optimizations off and the compile is
    failing now when I try this. How can this be resolved?

    For reference:
    - Stable Kernel 2.6.26
    - I'm using arm-marvell-eabi-gcc 4.1.1
    - Compiling for ARM architecture
    CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING are on (or even options in the ARM
    - The error I receive is:
    "sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to '<inline function>':
    function body not available"

    Thanks in advance,
    Keith Prickett

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