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    SubjectRe: Serial console not working after device detection.
    On 27/09/08 23:33, Alan Cox wrote:
    > Known problem - compile out the PnP serial support

    Thanks Alan, that was it.

    I recompiled without the pnp serial support and I could finally see the
    messages. Any chance it will get fixed soon?
    I had a look to the archives and could only find only a couple of bug
    reports since a few years, so I guess that's not enough pressure for
    anyone to care :-(
    I'll file a bugzilla bug report if there is none and a debian bug too,
    that might help :-)

    For the short story about my not booting kernels: my issue is related to
    a lilo issue in presence of large initrd or kernels (ie I needed to have
    large-memory set in my lilo conf).

    Brice Figureau

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