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    Subjectlinux object file containing all kernel symbols and suitable for userspace linking?
    Is there an object file generated by the kernel build process just
    before vmlinuz and arch/x86/boot/bzImage are created that contains all
    the requisite kernel symbols to complete compilation? I understand
    that such an object file wouldn't make a lot of sense to keep around,
    because at the point at which such a file were able to be generated
    the compilation process could just be completed instead. If it's not
    available is there some easy way to generate it? I am trying to test
    some kernel code I wrote, and I wanted to test it by running it in
    userspace by linking it to a *.o file with a main() function (just to
    test out various API facilities; i.e. unit tests). This is so I can
    use the API provided by the kernel without having to rewrite it for
    userspace. User-Mode Linux won't work for this because the code in
    question relies on some architecture specific features and thread
    flags of x86, but I guess the approach would probably similar to what
    UML uses.

    Is there some simple way to do this?


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