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SubjectRe: SMACK netfilter smacklabel socket match
Paul Moore wrote:

> [NOTE: you may notice the above code changing slightly in future
> kernels, it turns out that skb->sk == NULL is not a true indicator of a
> non-local sender, see my labeled networking patches for 2.6.28 or
> linux-next for the revised approach]

Can you give me a pointer where to look?

Will this mean that skb->sk may be invalid or that it will point to a a
context based on the network label the packet has?
In the later case, being able to match remote labels in my match would
just give added benefit. (Though a netlabel (CIPSO) match would probably
be more sane than a smack specific match.)
One would just have more choices where to put a rule like this. Like in
the FORWARD chain.
If non local packets are of no interest, one could put the rule in the
right chain.

But i think i just misunderstood you here. Since having a socket for non
local packets is probably not what you meant.

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