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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 1/3] Unified trace buffer
    Steven Rostedt wrote:
    > OK, let me rephrase my question.
    > How and where do we record this? Do we keep this information in some
    > global variable that we must compare to every time we add a new item in
    > the trace?
    > Do we have the buffer register a call back to record this information?

    Something like (total pseudocode):

    struct tsc_time_parameters {
    int version; /* even - values OK; odd - values being updated */
    u64 tsc;
    u32 tsc_freq;
    u64 gtod;

    DEFINE_PERCPU(struct tsc_time_parameters, tsc_params);

    /* To be called after a tsc frequency change, before any new
    trace records are being emitted, in a context where we can call get_GTOD() */
    void update_tsc_params(void)
    struct tsc_time_parameters *p = __get_percpu_var(tsc_params);

    p->version |= 1;

    p->tsc = get_tsc();
    p->tsc_freq = get_tsc_freq();
    p->gtod = get_GTOD();


    DEFINE_PERCPU(unsigned, current_tsc_version);
    DEFINE_PERCPU(u64, prev_tsc);

    /* may be called in any context */
    u64 get_trace_timestamp_delta(void)
    const struct tsc_time_parameters *p = &__get_percpu_var(tsc_params);
    unsigned *current_version = &__get_cpu_var(current_tsc_version);
    u64 prev = __get_cpu_var(prev_tsc);
    u64 now, ret;

    /* check the current tsc_params version against the last one we emitted;
    if the version is odd, then we interrupted the parameters as they were
    being updated, so just emit a new delta with the old parameters */
    if (unlikely(*current_version != p->version && !(p->version & 1))) {
    /* XXX probably need a loop to deal with p->version changing under our feet */
    prev = p->tsc;
    __get_cpu_var(current_tsc_version) = p->version;

    now = read_tsc();
    ret = now - prev;
    __get_cpu_var(prev_tsc) = now;

    return ret;


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