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SubjectRe: SMACK netfilter smacklabel socket match
Am 25.09.2008 um 21:57 schrieb Paul Moore:
>> What i do with this match is just setting some CONNMARK and
>> respectively FWMARKS to make crazy routing rules for different kinds
>> (marked processes)
>> of my outgoing traffic based on them.
> I think I understand you goal now, essentially you want to route
> traffic
> based on the security label of the sender, yes? There was some brief
> talk about this at the SELinux Developer's Summit this year at OLS.
> Unfortunately, it was just a casual conversation and I haven't seen
> any
> patches since then implementing security label based routing.

Wow, now it strikes me that i was running around blind all the time.
SECMARK is a target not a match.
I always thought i would implementing much the same thing.

I guess there would be in fact currently not way to set a MARK or
based on a SECMARK. Most of the *MARK targets have a --restore-mark
to restore a mark into the packet mark.
But since the SECMARK is not numeric/bitmask there is nothing to
They however can do the same in regard do CONNSECMARK and SECMARK
but which would not help in this case.
A secmark netfilter _match_ could do the trick here.

Well here is how i did this, maybe something like this is the way to
go for
SELinux (or LSM in general) too.

I'm surprised that i have not realized this little detail before. :-/


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