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    SubjectBug in rt2x00 rt73usb driver in latest git kernel

    While running the latest git kernel (linus' tree) and using a usb wifi
    card, I got this error in dmesg:;

    phy2 -> rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame: Error - Arrived at non-free entry
    in the non-full queue 2.
    Please file bug report to

    This is not reproducible easily, but it has occurred on two occasions
    both while connected to a WEP encrypted AP with a 40-bit key and
    performing many file samba transfers at full speed 54mbits.

    I tried to report the bug there but was unable to register and edit
    the bug reports wiki page.
    If there is any more information or help required to debug this,
    please let me know.


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