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SubjectHow to kick a secondary watchdog? (Re: [PATCH 1/3] watchdog: sync linux-omap changes)
* Wim Van Sebroeck <> [080923 11:39]:
> Hi Russell,
> > It's unused, but it's a minor point, something that shouldn't stand
> > in the way of it going into the watchdog tree. It doesn't cause a
> > build error and doesn't cause malfunction. It's just a little untidy
> > and can be addressed separately.
> We will need to address it later then. I just added the patches to the
> linux-2.6-watchdog-mm tree.
> > + omap_wdt_set_timeout(wdev);
> > + omap_wdt_enable(wdev);
> > spin_unlock(&wdt_lock);
> > +
> > + omap_wdt_ping(wdev);
> >
> > which is moving omap_wdt_ping() outside of the spin lock, which I
> > doubt actually causes any problem in real life on OMAP platforms.
> > Granted that theoretically and logically it's wrong.
> And since this is indeed wrong, I changed this back.

Wim, while at it, here's a related omap_wdt question:

Some omap devices like Nokia 770, N800 and N810 have also a secondary
watchdog on the retu chip connected via cbus. This watchdog needs
to be kicked as it cannot be disabled.

We've been thinking of adding a function that omap_wdt can
call to also kick retu_wdt too as there is only one wdt interface.

Is there some better solution available?



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