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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: do_boot_cpu - add check if we have ESR register

    * Yinghai Lu <> wrote:

    > > Actually it's resend of the patch. On previous attempt Yinghai was
    > > proposed to choose:
    > >
    > >> one apic_version or boot_cpu_apic_version could be enough
    > >
    > > but I think it should be different patch which does cleaning up
    > > variables usage. So for now I think _this_ patch is enough since
    > > idea is to prevent of touching nonexistant register rather code
    > > cleaning (whci could be done later).
    > do we have systems that have mixed cpu supported with different apic
    > version?

    i dont think that ever happened in the past. Vendors have trouble
    keeping same-cpu type systems going ;-)

    OTOH, if it's simple to have multi-version support then lets do that
    throughout. (although we certainly cannot test it. Perhaps we can
    provoke it artificially via a hack that artificially degrades one cpu's
    apic version or so.)


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