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SubjectRe: Unified tracing buffer
>> During kernel summit and Plumbers conference, Linus and others
>> expressed a desire for a unified
>> tracing buffer system for multiple tracing applications (eg ftrace,
>> lttng, systemtap, blktrace, etc) to use.
> This is what relayfs always was promised to be, but apparently
> never quite became. But before adding a new one I would recommend
> to remove relayfs first.

It's a little different, though similar. relayfs is an unstructured buffer.
This would be a sequence of events with a common timestamp format,
and hopefully other commonalties too.

I agree that the underlying buffer structure could be shared, as has
been pointed out (buried in this long thread). However, in another buried
comment, it was pointed out that relayfs would have no users once this
was done, so ...

I don't think we can remove relayfs before adding this and switching over
the users though (possibly it could all be done at the same time, but messy)

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