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SubjectLinux 2.6.27-rc7

It's been a fairly quiet week, since last week was the kernel summit and
the plumbers conference, and a lot of the core kernel developers showed
up. Hopefully we've fixed a number of regressions too (partly _at_ the
KS), and I also hope the KS made more of the core developers think about
the regression list in general.

The shortlog really is pretty short (appended), with most of the changes
pretty spread out (with pretty exactly one third in arch, drivers, and
"the rest" respectively):

4.4% Documentation/
3.0% arch/arm/
11.0% arch/m68k/configs/
9.4% arch/sparc64/kernel/
34.7% arch/
4.7% drivers/net/
6.0% drivers/s390/scsi/
6.5% drivers/s390/
4.3% drivers/spi/
32.0% drivers/
3.3% fs/xfs/
4.7% fs/
6.0% include/linux/
6.6% include/
3.4% net/

All the changes are small - the biggest individual ones are literally
things like a few m68k defconfig changes and the trivial cleanups in the


Adrian Bunk (2):
PCI: fix pciehp_free_irq()
hwmon: (ad7414) Make ad7414_update_device() static

Akinobu Mita (2):
mmc_block: handle error from mmc_register_driver()
mmc_test: initialize mmc_test_lock statically

Alex Chiang (1):
PCI Hotplug: fakephp: fix deadlock... again

Alex Dubov (1):
memstick: fix MSProHG 8-bit interface mode support

Alex Nixon (1):
x86/paravirt: Remove duplicate paravirt_pagetable_setup_{start, done}()

Alexey Dobriyan (1):
proc: more debugging for "already registered" case

Andrew Morton (1):
rescan_partitions(): make device capacity errors non-fatal

Andrew Paprocki (1):
hwmon: (it87) Fix fan tachometer reading in IT8712F rev 0x7 (I)

Arjan van de Ven (1):
warn: Turn the netdev timeout WARN_ON() into a WARN()

Atsushi Nemoto (3):
[MIPS] Fix 64-bit IP checksum code
[MIPS] Fix potential latency problem due to non-atomic cpu_wait.
[MIPS] handle .text.*

Ben Dooks (1):
spi_s3c24xx: fix section warning

Benjamin Li (1):
bnx2: Promote vector field in bnx2_irq structure from u16 to unsigned int

Bob Stewart (1):
sata_inic162x: enable LED blinking

Christof Schmitt (3):
[SCSI] zfcp: Fix request queue locking
[SCSI] zfcp: Correctly query end flag in gpn_ft response
[SCSI] zfcp: Simplify ccw notify handler

Christoph Hellwig (2):
udf: add llseek method
[XFS] Fix regression introduced by remount fixup

Christopher Li (1):
e1000: prevent corruption of EEPROM/NVM

Cornelia Huck (1):
[S390] cio: Fix driver_data handling for ccwgroup devices.

Daniel J Blueman (1):
swiotlb: fix back-off path when memory allocation fails

Darius Augulis (1):
i.MX serial: fix init failure

David Brownell (1):
Documentation/ABI: /sys/class/gpio

David Chinner (2):
[XFS] Fix barrier status change detection.
[XFS] Prevent lockdep false positives when locking two inodes.

David Howells (1):
MN10300: Change the fault handler to check in_atomic() not in_interrupt()

David Miller (1):
Fix PNP build failure, bugzilla #11276

David S. Miller (6):
sparc64: Fix interrupt register calculations on Psycho and Sabre.
sparc32: Fix function signature of of_bus_sbus_get_flags().
sparc64: Fix PCI error interrupt registry on PSYCHO.
sparc: Fix user_regset 'n' field values.
sparc64: Fix OOPS in psycho_pcierr_intr_other().
sparc64: Fix SMP bootup with CONFIG_STACK_DEBUG or ftrace.

David Woodhouse (1):
PCI/iommu: blacklist DMAR on Intel G31/G33 chipsets

Dmitry Baryshkov (3):
[ARM] 5246/1: tosa: add proper clock alias for tc6393xb clock
[ARM] 5247/1: tosa: SW_EAR_IN support
tmio_mmc: fix compilation with debug enabled

Dominik Brodowski (1):
clocksource, acpi_pm.c: fix check for monotonicity

Eric Sesterhenn (1):
bfs: fix Lockdep warning

FUJITA Tomonori (2):
add deprecated ide-scsi to feature-removal-schedule.txt
sg: disable interrupts inside sg_copy_buffer

Faisal Latif (1):
RDMA/nes: Fix client side QP destroy

Geert Uytterhoeven (2):
VIDEO_SH_MOBILE_CEU should depend on HAS_DMA
m68k: Update defconfigs for 2.6.27-rc6

H. Peter Anvin (1):
x86: completely disable NOPL on 32 bits

Haavard Skinnemoen (6):
atmel_lcdfb: disable LCD and DMA engines when suspending
atstk1000: fix build breakage with BOARD_ATSTK100X_SW2_CUSTOM=y
atmel-mci: debugfs: enable clock before dumping regs
atmel-mci: Fix memory leak in atmci_regs_show
atmel-mci: Fix bogus debugfs file size
atmel-mci: Set MMC_CAP_NEEDS_POLL if no detect_pin

Hans-Christian Egtvedt (2):
avr32: add generic_find_next_le_bit bit function
avr32: fix sys_sync_file_range() call convention

Herbert Xu (1):
udp: Fix rcv socket locking

Hidehiro Kawai (1):
coredump_filter: add description of bit 4

Hirofumi Nakagawa (1):
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove duplicated unlikely() macros.

Hiroshi DOYU (1):
include/linux/ioport.h: add missing macro argument for devm_release_* family

Hiroshi Shimamoto (1):
sched: fix deadlock in setting scheduler parameter to zero

Hugh Dickins (1):
mm: ifdef Quicklists in /proc/meminfo

James Bottomley (3):
[SCSI] fix check of PQ and PDT bits for WLUNs
[IA64] fix compile failure with non modular builds
Fix compile failure with non modular builds

Jan Kara (2):
udf: Fix lock inversion between iprune_mutex and alloc_mutex (v2)
udf: Fix error paths in udf_new_inode()

Jean Delvare (3):
hwmon: (atxp1) Fix device detection logic
MAINTAINERS: Trivial whitespace cleanups
MAINTAINERS: Various fixes

Jens Axboe (1):
block: disable sysfs parts of the disk command filter

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (2):
x86: fix possible x86_64 and EFI regression
xen: fix for xen guest with mem > 3.7G

Jes Sorensen (1):
KVM: ia64: 'struct fdesc' build fix

Joerg Roedel (2):
KVM: SVM: fix random segfaults with NPT enabled
KVM: SVM: fix guest global tlb flushes with NPT

Johann Felix Soden (2):
PCI: Fix printk warnings in probe.c
PCI: Fix printk warnings in setup-bus.c

Josh Boyer (1):
powerpc: Holly board needs dtbImage target

Jouni Malinen (1):
ath9k: Assign seq# when mac80211 requests this

Julia Lawall (2):
arch/x86/kernel/kdebugfs.c: introduce missing kfree
[IA64] arch/ia64/sn/pci/tioca_provider.c: introduce missing kfree

Jürgen Schindele (1):
[ARM] 5245/1: Fix warning about unused return value in drivers/pcmcia

Kim Phillips (1):
crypto: talitos - Avoid consecutive packets going out with same IV

Kristoffer Ericson (1):
[ARM] 5255/1: Update jornada ssp to remove build errors/warnings

Lachlan McIlroy (4):
[XFS] Move memory allocations for log tracing out of the critical path
[XFS] Prevent direct I/O from mapping extents beyond eof
[XFS] Fix use-after-free with buffers
[XFS] Don't do I/O beyond eof when unreserving space

Li Zefan (2):
cpuset: avoid changing cpuset's cpus when -errno returned
cpuset: hotplug documentation fix

Linus Torvalds (2):
Revert "b43/b43legacy: add RFKILL_STATE_HARD_BLOCKED support"
Linux 2.6.27-rc7

Manfred Spraul (1):
avr32: nmi_enter() without nmi_exit()

Marc Kleine-Budde (2):
imx serial: set RXD mux bit on i.MX27 and i.MX31
imx serial: fix rts handling for non imx1 based hardware

Marcel Holtmann (1):
[Bluetooth] Fix regression from using default link policy

Markus Heidelberg (1):
avr32: add .gitignore files

Masoud Sharbiani (1):
ide: Fix pointer arithmetic in hpt3xx driver code (3rd try)

Mel Gorman (1):
mm: mark the correct zone as full when scanning zonelists

Mike Anderson (2):
[SCSI] scsi_dh: make check_sense return ADD_TO_MLQUEUE
[SCSI] make scsi_check_sense HARDWARE_ERROR return ADD_TO_MLQUEUE on retry

Ming Lei (1):
MAINTAINERS: fix USB VIDEO CLASS mail list address

Ned Forrester (2):
pxa2xx_spi: chipselect bugfixes
pxa2xx_spi: dma bugfixes

NeilBrown (1):
md: Don't wait UNINTERRUPTIBLE for other resync to finish

Paul E. McKenney (1):
[IA64] prevent ia64 from invoking irq handlers on offline CPUs

Peter Korsgaard (2):
spi_mpc83xx: fix clockrate calculation for low speed
spi_mpc83xx: reject invalid transfer sizes

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
e100: Use pci_pme_active to clear PME_Status and disable PME#

Ralf Baechle (1):
[MIPS] SMTC: Clear TIF_FPUBOUND on clone / fork.

Robin Holt (2):
[IA64] fix up bte.h
ia64: fix panic during `modprobe -r xpc'

Russell King (3):
[ARM] OMAP: Fix MMC device data
[ARM] omap: back out 'internal_clock' support

Salman Qazi (1):
slub: fixed uninitialized counter in struct kmem_cache_node

Santwona Behera (1):
niu: panic on reset

Sascha Hauer (1):
pcm037: add rts/cts support for serial port

Sheng Yang (1):
KVM: VMX: Always return old for clear_flush_young() when using EPT

Stefan Richter (1):
[SCSI] sd: select CRC_T10DIF only when necessary

Stefan Weinhuber (1):
[S390] cio: fix orb initialization in cio_start_key

Stephen Hemminger (2):
ata: duplicate variable sparse warning
hpplus: fix build regression

Swen Schillig (2):
[SCSI] zfcp: Fix reference counter for remote ports
[SCSI] zfcp: channel cannot be detached due to refcount imbalance

Taisuke Yamada (1):
[libata] LBA28/LBA48 off-by-one bug in ata.h

Tao Ma (1):
ocfs2: Fix a bug in direct IO read.

Thomas Gleixner (2):
clockevents: remove WARN_ON which was used to gather information
clockevents: make device shutdown robust

Timur Tabi (1):
powerpc: Fix interrupt values for DMA2 in MPC8610 HPCD device tree

Uwe Kleine-König (1):
Add Uwe Kleine-König to .mailmap

Vegard Nossum (1):
netlink: fix overrun in attribute iteration

Vlad Yasevich (3):
sctp: set the skb->ip_summed correctly when sending over loopback.
sctp: do not enable peer features if we can't do them.
sctp: Fix oops when INIT-ACK indicates that peer doesn't support AUTH

Vladimir Sokolovsky (2):
mlx4_core: Set RAE and init mtt_sz field in FRMR MPT entries
IB/mlx4: Fix up fast register page list format

Yinghai Lu (2):
PCI: re-add debug prints for unmodified BARs
forcedeth: call restore mac addr in nv_shutdown path

Yossi Etigin (1):
IPoIB: Fix deadlock on RTNL between bcast join comp and ipoib_stop()

Zhang, Yanmin (1):
sched: fix 2.6.27-rc5 couldn't boot on tulsa machine randomly

roel kluin (1):
[MIPS] VR41xx: unsigned irq cannot be negative

roelkluin (1):
[ARM] 5249/1: davinci: remove redundant check in davinci_psc_config()
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