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SubjectRe: kernel.h: add ARRAY_AND_SIZE() macro to complement ARRAY_SIZE().
Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
> [Christer Weinigel - Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 04:28:19PM +0200]
> ...
>> In my opinion, making platform_add_devices into a magic macro is
>> actually worse, since the same construct (array, ARRAY_SIZE(array)) is
>> used in many places, so one would have to do the same thing over and
>> over again for every function. In that case it's better to have to
>> learn one macro once, and the ALL_CAPITALS should make it obvious that
>> it is a macro.

> Well, can't agree with you :) It's my _presonal_ opinion.
> You could define it as
> static inline int platform_add_devices_array(struct platform_device **devs)
> {
> return platform_add_devices(devs, ARRAY_SIZE(devs));
> }

Won't work. You would have to use a macro. The above would turn into:

platform_add_devices(devs, 1);

or would if the __must_be_array check didn't catch it.


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