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    SubjectRe: dmaengine.c: question about device_alloc_chan_resources
    Timur Tabi <> wrote:
    > Haavard Skinnemoen wrote:
    > > I guess so. What would be even more simple is to simply prevent other
    > > clients from taking a channel once someone has acked it, which would be
    > > perfect for my purposes, but perhaps not everyone else's...
    > I'm not clear on how your driver works, but doesn't it run continuous tests on
    > all channels all the time? If so, wouldn't your proposal prevent other drivers
    > from ever getting a DMA channel?

    You can explicitly tell it which channel(s) to use. If you run it on
    all channels, it will already prevent any dmaslave clients from ever
    getting a channel.

    dmatest is meant for testing only, and has a major impact on system
    performance when it's running, so it's IMO not a very interesting use


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