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SubjectRe: warn: Turn the netdev timeout WARN_ON() into a WARN()
On Wed, 17 Sep 2008 17:39:07 -0400
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
> ACK, this fixes my objection, thanks


> > If all the networking guys agree that the report
> > has no value for developers because they're all unfixable hardware
> > bugs,
> You misunderstand; reporting and tracking these issues have value,
> but the information you are dumping (specifically the backtrace) does
> not.

WARN() is about a lot more than a backtrace, but point taken, see below
> I think it would benefit Linux if our bugs announce themselves in a
> standard way, but the backtrace is not a key part of that, and IMO
> should be optional.

I cannot disagree with the "the backtrace is not useful" statement for
this case. I don't even mind making a WARN() variant that doesn't
backtrace; I'll look into that. I don't consider it "2.6.27 urgent"
though; a backtrace is pretty light to do for such an exceptional
slowpath case, and the only real effect is a few lines
in /var/log/messages that are somewhat redundant.

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