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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.27-rc5 resubmit] Fix itimer/many thread hang.

    * Frank Mayhar <> wrote:

    > > the wider question is, shouldnt the UP case be just the same as the
    > > SMP case? Especially the type assymetry struct thread_group_cputime
    > > looks ugly. (and assymetries like that tend to be a constant source
    > > of breakage like the one below.)
    > I'm not overly fond of this one, either; I did it at Roland's
    > suggestion (it's all _his_ fault, yeah, _that's_ the ticket! :-); his
    > opinion IIRC was that the UP case will perform better without the
    > extra pointer dereferences. I agree that it's a potential source of
    > pain such as the one you point out.

    i dont know ...

    lets try that simplification as a delta patch, ok? Please check the
    before/after size of 'vmlinux' in a 'make defconfig' [with SMP disabled
    after make defconfig] UP build. If there's visible size difference then
    Roland's point holds.


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