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    SubjectRe: Driver for tightly coupled memory
    Ben Nizette wrote:

    > If a driver needs a quick FIFO it can attempt to get the RAM for said
    > FIFO from the genalloc and fall back to main memory otherwise. Simple,
    > flexible, easy :-)

    Well, interesting, that is why I asked here before writing code.

    In this case however, do you imply that a device driver will just do all
    the genalloc stuff? In this case it has to know about the TCM details,
    and problems may arise if more than one driver wants to use this
    feature. Or, are you suggesting to write a small TCM driver that will do
    the gen_pool_create() and gen_pool_add() and then export the struct
    gen_pool for use by other drivers that may require it?

    I mentioned implementing a FIFO because I already have a couple of
    examples where this FIFO thing would be used.

    Bye bye, thank you

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