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SubjectRe: [patch 1/2] x86: track memtype for RAM in page struct

* Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:

> Venkatesh Pallipadi wrote:
> > From: Suresh Siddha <>
> > Subject: [patch 1/2] x86: track memtype for RAM in page struct
> >
> > Track the memtype for RAM pages in page struct instead of using the memtype
> > list. This avoids the explosion in the number of entries in memtype list
> > (of the order of 20,000 with AGP) and makes the PAT tracking simpler. We are
> > using PG_arch_1 bit in page->flags.
> >
> Please define PG_arch_1 a proper name so that its easy to tell its
> being used just by looking at page-flags.h.

it should be defined in include/asm-x86/page.h though, not in
page-flags.h - other architectures are using this flag for other


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