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SubjectRe: AGP PAT issue.
On 13-09-08 02:26, Pallipadi, Venkatesh wrote:

>>>> Haven't been subcribed to any lists recently and someone was
>>>> talking about "the other thread" before but just noticed that
>>>> an-rc6 was cut.
>>>> Please note that the shutdown issue remains unfixed in it (I'm
>>>> doing my coalescing changes locally).
>>> here's what is pending in tip/x86/pat for v2.6.28:
>> Only talking about .27 and just making sure again the issue is
>> known.
>> The above mentioned subject for the entry cache one ("fix Xorg
>> startup/shutdown slowdown with PAT") after all mistakingly says it
>> does something for shutdown.
> Can you try the patch here
> That should resolve both reserve and free issues..

Not for .27 though.


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