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SubjectLenovo 3000 N100 i8042 problems
In, I'm finding that my i8042 seems to die after a while. In the 
middle of using the keyboard and mouse, generally before some key release
is handled, it stops taking any input.

This seems to be due to 2a2dcd65e232eafd9fb6da1250f83adb57787b42; it works
fine with that reverted. Perhaps that quirk is being applied too widely?
Perhaps the workaround doesn't actually work on my computer? I couldn't
find the bug report that led to that patch, so I'm not sure if I've been
having whatever problem it was for all along and I never noticed, or if my
3000 N100 is just different (Lenovo seems to have given a
specific-sounding number to some very different hardware).

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