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SubjectRe: [PATCH] bootup: Add built-in kernel command line for x86
Tim Bird wrote:
>> CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERRIDE is probably more palatable to other architectures.
> I'd be OK implementing it with an option, rather than a magic char.
> I was trying to avoid adding too many options, since many kernel
> developers prefer fewer options where possible. But the magic
> char makes the code less straightforward.
> If we ever move towards supporting both prefix and suffice splicing (or
> even complicated in-the-middle splicing), then the magic char is
> easier to develop into that. But so far, I can only come up with
> reasonable cases for append and override, and I don't want to add
> superfluous handling for non-existent use cases.

I think I agree, and the override option would make it easier to make


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