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    SubjectRe: [malware-list] [RFC 0/5] [TALPA] Intro to a linux interfaceforon access scanning

    Peter Dolding wrote:
    > My main issue is TALPA, dazuko and so on of Anti-Virus Filesystem
    > monitoring are all going to break anyhow when
    > Credentials get added and common
    > filesystem caching gets added.
    > You want to change a permissions on a file/object before its opened.
    > So does the Credential user space daemon on file systems that cannot
    > store secuirty information. We only really need 1 location in the
    > source base for this. Expand Credentials slightly to allow anti
    > viruses to operate by by problem. Even better when FS-Cache can sit
    > on top of Credentials correctly no need for anti virus software to
    > have independent caching of blocked and allowed files. FS-Cache picks
    > a large amount of this up.
    > Basically TALPA, dazuko and so on of Anti-Virus Filesystem monitoring
    > don't fit in the future design of Linux. All they will be is
    > duplication of a existing interface. A interface that complete avoids
    > the stacking issue.

    Then in a real sense you've solved much of their problem for them (;-))
    After this comes engineering, so that they can re-use the scanning
    mechanisms they already have, but from a different caller.

    The requirements are probably that they know
    - is this an open for read or write (somewhat less time-sensitive)?
    - is the data present, or do we have to wait?
    - if so, for what?
    as of the time they start looking at the file. Having a race-free
    mechanism using credentials and RCU is, IMHO, A Really Good Thing.

    Another thing they and we will likely need is a way to discover
    if a file is inacessable due to an AV operation, and if the time
    it has been inacessable is less than or equal to a scanning
    upper bound by file size or beyond it. The latter is for repair
    of broken state introduced by the AV process failing.


    > Peter Dolding
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