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    SubjectRe: x86 BIOS interface for partitioning and system serial number on SGI UV
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Mike Travis wrote:
    >> Hi Kyle,
    >> As I'm very new to this development arena, could you explain a bit more
    >> on why this is considered "bad manners"?
    >> I'm not speaking of any particular change, but there are some
    >> realities in
    >> bringing a new product to market that depends heavily on new "features"
    >> being accepted into a specific kernel release. I certainly do not want
    >> to "taint" any kernel code (and I'm always amazed at the dedication of
    >> so many individuals to insure this doesn't happen), but the line between
    >> acceptability (and not) seems to waver all over the place... ;-)
    > It's because it's your responsibility to get the code in by whenever you
    > need it to, but trying to push unfinished code with the motivation "we
    > need it in by <release>" violates the development model *and* is just
    > plain rude.
    > This comes down to the old saying "lack of planning on your part does
    > not constitute an emergency on my part."
    > In other words, if you want to push code in by a specific release, the
    > code needs to be *done* and properly submitted. Submitting code that
    > has a big "real code goes here" comment, is ridiculous.
    > Unfortunately we have seen a *lot* of that from several people at SGI
    > over the last year.
    > -hpa

    Hi Peter,

    Ok, thanks, I do see your point (very clearly), as I prepare yet another
    "we really, really need this" patch... ;-)

    [ok, it's only a led driver and the world won't stop if it doesn't show up
    in the kernel... ;-)]


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