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SubjectRe: amd64 sata_nv (massive) memory corruption
> have EDAC turned on, or something ... I'm investigating now.
> But this is moot -- if there is software that already exists that
> could have reported the error to the kernel, then this software
> should have been installed/enabled/operating by default.

That gets you into arguments with the people who care about performance
but its really a distribution level debate and I suspect the answer is
itself distro specific depending on usage/

> Personally I'm ready to pop $$$ for ECC it if will actually do
> something for me, this has been painful.

On a decent system ECC will do something. A modern server PC actually has
pretty good coverage on CPU L1, L2 and optionally RAM. I/O controllers
and disk internal caches seem to be a bit more variable which is one
reason big HPC cluster projects often checksum end to end - when you
produce terabytes of data all the one in a hundred billion error stats
start to look less than reassuring.


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