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SubjectRe: Problems with disk + network on
Ok so the pdc202xx_old hardware flakes out when you have very high
network load (I'd guess in fact very high bus traffic).

The actual log is the disk I/O timing out, then the drive being busy
(probably due to the timeout and a DMA transfer getting stuck). We reset
it and carry on.

Libata happens to log this a lot more visibly than old kernels which is
useful but does mean people sometimes don't notice.

The rest then fits - the freeze I'd expect as we block I/O while trying
to get the drive back.

Doubt the Nvidia module is involved as I'd then expect problems under
high graphical load but you can certainly test that. I don't suppose
you've got a spare PCI network card you could try instead to see if it is
the network card bits ?


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