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    SubjectRe: [RFC] export irq_set/get_affinity() for multiqueue network drivers
    David Miller wrote:
    > I think we should rather have some kind of generic thing in the
    > IRQ layer that allows specifying the usage model of the device's
    > interrupts, so that the IRQ layer can choose a default affinities.
    > I never notice any of this complete insanity on sparc64 because
    > we flat spread out all of the interrupts across the machine.
    > What we don't want it drivers choosing IRQ affinity settings,
    > they have no idea about NUMA topology, what NUMA node the
    > PCI controller sits behind, what cpus are there, etc. and
    > without that kind of knowledge you cannot possible make
    > affinity decisions properly.

    As long as we get something better than the current behavior, I am fine
    with it :)


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