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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] nilfs2: continuous snapshotting file system
    On Friday 29 August 2008, Ryusuke Konishi wrote:
    > >Do you do wear leveling or scrubbing?
    > NILFS does not support scrubbing. (as you guessed)
    > Under the current GC daemon, it writes logs sequentially and circularly
    > in the partition, and as you know, this leads to the wear levelling
    > except for superblock.

    I don't see how that would cope with file systems that have a lot
    of static data. The classic problem of most cheap devices that implement
    wear leveling in hardware is that they never move data in an erase block
    that is used for read-only data. If 90% of the file system is read-only,
    your wear leveling will only work on 10% of the medium, wearing it down
    10 times faster than it should.

    Can the GC daemon handle this case, e.g. by moving around aging read-only
    erase blocks?

    Arnd <><

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