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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] Add support for > 2GiB MTD devices
On 27.08.2008 20:51, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> wrote:
>> I'm still reluctant to change size to a 64-bit value. There's a vague
>> recolection of early conversations on the list that there would be little
>> acceptance for that. And that probably has to do with the ongoing
>> conversation about ABI changes. What I could do to eliminate the
>> multiplication is introduce the same concept that the NAND layer uses,
>> shift values. After all, erasesize should always be a power of 2, making
>> that a power of 2 multiplication which can be done via shifts. By
>> changing erasesize to erasesize_shift, I'd get something like this:
>> return a->num_eraseblocks == 0 ? a->size : a->num_eraseblocks <<
>> a->erasesize_shift
>> How would that suit you?
> Are you sure it's always going to be a power of 2?
> What if someone targets a board with 3 chips wired to shared address
> and parallel data buses?
> Or if someone makes a weird chip? Or if you can format it in
> different ways according to desired ECC level (like you can with CDs)?

IIRC I saw a datasheet for such a chip (selectable erasesize with
non-power-of-2 default) some weeks ago and it had entered production a
few months ago. The erasesize was alwas a multiple of 16, though. Sorry
for not remembering more details.



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