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Subject[PATCH 0/8] tip/x86/apic - merging snippet

Hi, it seems I'm braking apic merging (due to lack of time)
so here is small series of merging patches. The pactes actually
becoming more and more... well... harmfull I would say so please
check them twise - especially:

5/8 - I've moved hard_smp_processor_id to apic from the header
since for x86 we're linked to apic code anyway
6/8 - setup_local_APIC now uses preempt_disable/enable on 32bit

Any comments are quite welcome.

The patches are over the -tip/x86/apic

commit 11494547b1754c4f3bd7f707ab869e2adf54d52f
Author: Yinghai Lu <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 01:01:19 2008 -0700

x86: fix apic version warning

after following patch,

I noticed Yinghai posted variables ordering patch - if
the series would conflict - just letme know.

- Cyrill -

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