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SubjectRe: GA-MA790FX-DS5 SATA ahci NCQ erros on Jmicron 20360/20363 (JMB363) kernel 2.6.25-2 Debian/Lenny
On Sunday 24 August 2008 00:38:36 Jeff Garzik wrote:
> See for an
> introduction.
> In general, tons of ATA bus errors and SError register bits means that
> problems are coming from the ATA bus, a.k.a. the SATA cable and its
> related connections.
> So... suspect bad cables, bad port connectors, cable interference,
> motherboard-caused interference or grounding problems, power supply
> problems.
hmm, or something totally odd...

what happens if you do: (after you made a backup!)
"dd if=/dev/sdX(where X is your affected hdd?) of=/dev/null bs=1"
The important bit is the small bs (blocksize) number.
You can throw in a O_DIRECT flag to disable the caches, or
if you have some "empty" partition space, you can "dd" into
it with a small blocksize too)

my seagate & even a samsung hd103uj doesn't like that and will spew
out the same sort problems you have just posted... (but they work fine,
if I don't do nasty dd things!)

and unfortunatly my md(raid1) seems to do lots of "small" reads & writes
when it starts to check/resync the whole 1TB array :-/.


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