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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix probe_nr_irqs for xen
Yinghai Lu wrote:
> like system vectors with smp-ipi etc?

More or less. Xen currently uses 6 per-cpu event channels, and it maps
each to its own irq. My plan is to allocate just 6 irqs, map 6 vectors
to them, and bind each event channel to a vector/cpu pair. If nothing
else, it will make /proc/interrupts somewhat sane again.

>> Also, implementing probe_nr_irqs() in a more generic (rather than
>> io_apic-specific) way. Using some interface that queries each irq chip
>> for how many irqs it supports, or something.
> hope we can kill nr_irqs/NR_IRQS

When irqs are truely dynamically allocated?


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