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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] Writer-biased low-latency rwlock v8
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > Because that is already crap.
    > Go look at my code once more. Go look at how it has 128 bits of data,
    > And then go look at it again.
    > Look at it five times, and until you can understand that it still uses
    > just a 32-bit word for the fast-path and no unnecessarily crap in it, but
    > it actually has 128 bits of data for all the slow paths, don't bother
    > emailing me any new versions.
    > Please. You -still- apparently haven't looked at it, at least not enough
    > to understand the _point_ of it. You still go on about trying to fit in
    > three or four different numbers in that one word. Even though the whole
    > point of my rwlock is that you need exactly _one_ count (active writers),
    > and _one_ bit (active reader) and _one_ extra bit ("contention, go to slow
    > path, look at the other bits ONLY IN THE SLOW PATH!")
    > That leaves 30 bits for readers. If you still think you need to "limit the
    > number of readers", then you aren't getting it.

    First of all, let me say I don't pretend to understand formally how you
    deal with overflow-after-the-fact, as unlikely as it is.

    However, it seems to me to be an easy way to avoid it. Simply by
    changing the read-test mask to $0x80000003, you will kick the code down
    the slow path once the read counter reaches $0x80000004 (2^29+1
    readers), where you can do any necessary fixup -- or BUG() -- at leisure.

    This fastpath ends up being identical in size and performance to the one
    you posted, although yours could be reduced by changing the test to a
    testb instruction -- at the almost certainly unacceptable expense of
    taking a partial-register stall on the CPUs that have those.


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