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SubjectRe: Mount ext3 with barrier=1 doesn't send real barrier bio?
On Wed, Aug 20 2008, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Milan Broz wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I run some barrier tests over device-mapper (which currently doesn't
> > support barrier bio at all) and even if I set barrier=1 in ext3 mount,
> > there is never any bio with barrier flag... (in 2.6.27-rc)
> >
> > How is the barrier=1 flag supposed to work in ext3 (JBD) now?
> Milan, you're right. Ric saw this same strange behavior when doing some
> benchmarking with and without barriers; Chris noticed the change in
> submit_bh; I was about to write up a similar patch to what you've sent
> already. Jens, does Milan's fix look good to you?

Yep looks good, thanks a lot Milan! I'll send in the patch, unless I'm
badly mistaken we need it for 2.6.26-stable as well.

Jens Axboe

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