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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cpuset: Rework sched domains and CPU hotplug handling (2.6.27-rc1)

Paul Jackson wrote:
> The Subject line suggests that this latest version of your patch should
> apply on top of 2.6.27-rc1. That does not seem to be quite accurate.
> As stated in your previous message, it seems you're working on top of
> Linus's latest git version, which, at least for the source file
> kernel/cpuset.c, is (I suppose) more or less the same as 2.6.27-rc1
> plus the 'origin.patch' that is at the top of Andrew's broken out quilt
> patch series 2.6.27-rc1-mm1.
> That origin.patch includes Li Zefan's patch:
> cpuset: clean up cpuset hierarchy traversal code
> which Andrew recently sent along to Linus, and which patch is presumed
> by this latest version of your patch.
> I'll take a further look at your patch now.
> We have lots of trees, including various from Ingo, linux-next, Andrew,
> and Linus, each in many versions. It helps others if you can state
> exactly what tree/version a patch applies to, in each patch version
> that you submit.

It's on top of the latest mainline I should not have put -rc1 in the subject


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