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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix i486 suspend to disk CR4 oops
Pavel Machek wrote:
> Okay, can it happen that that cr4 is zero legitimately? If newer 486SX
> chips support cr4 but not coprocessor...?
> Pavel

Theoretically it can, but that means no features are enabled, so there
is no need to enable the features.

The real question is if the following can happen: can it be such that we
want CR4 to be zero in a situation where CR4 is nonzero to start out with?

The main bit in CR4 that could be set that we wouldn't want set would be
CR4.PAE, so this could happen if there is a CPU with CR4.PAE but none of
the other CR4 bits that we would normally set unconditionally.

I'm pretty sure this can't happen on any physical CPUs, since all
physical CPUs supporting PAE would also support DE, MCE, and PGE. It
could possibly happen on a virtual CPU, although it is of course
extremely unlikely we'd get there with CR4 not zero to start out with.

Still, it is at least theoretically wrong.


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