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    Subjectchar/tpm: tpm_infineon no longer loaded for HP 2510p laptop
    While comparing the loaded modules for 2.6.26 and 2.6.27-rc3 for my HP 
    2510p, I noticed that the tpm_infineon module and related modules no
    longer get loaded automatically.

    The difference seems to be that 2.6.26 listed:
    /lib/modules/ pnp:dIFX0102* tpm_infineon
    /lib/modules/ pnp:dIFX0101* tpm_infineon

    while 2.6.27 has:
    /lib/modules/2.6.27-rc3/modules.alias:alias acpi*:IFX0101:* tpm_infineon
    /lib/modules/2.6.27-rc3/modules.alias:alias pnp:dIFX0101* tpm_infineon

    My system has:
    $ grep IFX /sys/bus/pnp/devices/*/id

    And if I modprobe the module manually the device really does seem to be
    pnp: the driver 'tpm_inf_pnp' has been registered
    tpm_inf_pnp 00:02: Found C284 with ID IFX0102
    tpm_inf_pnp 00:02: TPM found: config base 0x560, data base 0x570, chip
    version 0x000b, vendor id 0x15d1 (Infineon), product id 0x000b (SLB 9635
    TT 1.2)
    tpm_inf_pnp 00:02: driver attached

    Relevant bit of the kernel config:
    # CONFIG_TCG_NSC is not set
    # CONFIG_TCG_ATMEL is not set

    I've taken a quick look at changes from 2.6.26 in drivers/char/tpm/ but
    did not see really anything there that could explain this difference in


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